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Limbic Maps / Glossary
Click on the following links to get a feel for how the Limbic Highway works for man.

M-1 traits/locations :  Get acquainted with the various functions and locations within the Limbic Highway.

M-2 Universal :  This is a general perspective of the Universal set up of the Limbic Highway.
M-3 Virmory   :  The Virmory is where our Guardian Angel presides in Purgatory.

M-4 brain  :        Once inside the brain, the Limbic Highway has direct pathways to follow.

M-6 Tryphus  :    See how the invisible Tryphus envelopes the brain.

See more of Limbic maps, locations and a full Glossary of terms inside the book, the Limbic Highway.
Here are a few of the terms you would find inside the Glossary.

The Limbic System:
                   - The elaborate, intricate, virtual support and protection system of reality, designed
                      to help man exist and survive.
                   - Consists of the Universe, Mortal and Immortal Heaven, Purgatory, outer space,
                      the earth's atmosphere, earth and man.

The Limbic Highway:   
the "Road of Life"
                    - The Limbic Highway is the five-stranded cable connecting man's brain to his Guardian Angel
                      in the Virmory of Purgatory. The Thalamus and Limbic/Cerebral Cortex intertwine as one
                      cable which surrounds and separates the Cable-Four.
                    - The Highway enables Purgatory to assist man by reading, regulating and guiding his mind
                      and bodily functions.

                    - The four information carrying cables of the Limbic Highway, which are vulnerable to evil  
                       barb attacks once inside the earth's atmosphere.

The four cables are:
                    I) - BELLUM- autonomic
                   II) - HYPO BULBO  autonomic
                  III) - BASAL G    cognizant
                   IV) - PRIO FRONTAL LOBE  (PFL)  cognizant

Brocal Area:  -Located in the Basal-G of the Cable-Four, in between sections of the Somaesthetic Area,
                       up against the Thalamus.
                     - Speech is formulated here.
                     - After being scrutinzed in the PFL, actual speaking is initiated in the Brocal Area.

Healing Generator:  the "Power of the Positive"
                   - Located in the heart of the Basal-G.
                   - Connected in some form to all of the Limbic Highway, thus enabling positive energy to
                     flow where needed.
                   - The Healing Generator supplies positive healing energy to pertinent areas when prompted
                     by positive thinking, prayer, or the Limbic Security System.

Tryphus:                the "Truth Meter" of man.
                    - The invisible intangible sheath which surrounds the Thalamus and Thalamic trunk
                      throughout the entire Limbic Highway of a man.
                    - Protects the Limbic Highway by measuring truth. The more deceit and lies in a person's
                      system, the less the Tryphus is utilized, and the less effective it operates.

Evil Bulge:    
                    - When evil takes over a Limbic Highway with enough mass to force the L-S-S ( Limbic
                      Security System) off the Highway. Then, the evil bulge pushes its way to the deepest
                      fissures of the brain, where it wreaks havoc with man.
                    - A successful evil bulge is obtained with excess hate and unlucky fate and nearly always
                      ends in untimely human death or catastrophe.

Virmory :      the "Home of the Guardian Angel"
                   - Located in the "Live G-A Hall" of Purgatory.
                   - The Virmory is the cubicle where a human's Guardian Angel resides and does his business.
                   - The most intense computer room imaginable. Provides instantaneous readings of a human
                     current physical and emotional status.

Cerebra:      - The home of the "Dream Machine".
                   - The top half of Cerebra is in Mortal Heaven. The bottom half is the uppermost region
                      of Purgatory.
                    - A magnanimous gatherer of facts and memories, utilizing them to scrutinize present and
                      past situations.
                    - Cerebra's findings assist the 'Dream Machine' to create a dream to influence the involved.
                    - The L.S.S. is headquartered  here.
                    - All facets of Purgatory are able to access, and are accessible by Cerebra.
                    - The L-S-S (Limbic Security System) is headquartered here.

                    - The mode of transportation inside the community of Purgatory.
                    - Equipped with the virtual console of Purgatory.
                    - Travels only within Purgatory. Incapable of traveling within a Limbic Highway.

Limbic Security System:    ( the  L-S-S )
                     - The anti-evil security system of the Universe. Created to protect the human internally by
                       monitoring his mind and body from Purgatory.
                     - Headquartered in Cerebra of Purgatory. Stationed in the R-A-S (Reticular Activation
                       System) of individuals.
                     - Consists of L-C-Us, M-C-Us, participating Guardian Angels and working souls.
                     - The L-S-S  locates and removes evil off the Limbic Highway, or isolates it, thus not
                       allowing further penetration of damage.

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